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Archives - Angus Og Booklet Set 1

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Relive the adventures of Angus Og and the residents of Drambeg through a new series of booklets featuring digitally reproduced copies of the original cartoon drawings by Ewen Bain.  This set contains four booklets, each booklet contains one original Angus Og story from the Ewen Bain Angus Og Collection held at Skye and Lochalsh Archive Centre.

Angus Og and the Folk Museum was originally published in 1968. Angus tries to open a Folk Museum on the Og's croft. Mrs Og closes the museum after he embarrasses her in front of the minister. Granny McBrochan breaks her leg and has to go to hospital and so Angus opens the Folk Museum in her house instead and finds some magic glasses that let him read minds. He imagines he'll make his fortune but unfortunately things don't turn out quite like he planned!

Angus Og and the Fete was originally published in 1969. When Angus gets involved in fundraising for the church roof it leads to a Drambeg Independence Campaign which results in the British government sending troops to Drambeg. A hilarious story packed with irreverent humour! 

Angus Og and the Gaelic was originally published in 1973. The Laird's wife decides to learn Gaelic so she can read the new Gaelic street signs. Rev McSonachan tries teaching her but he is too boring and focuses on obscure grammar. Angus offers to teach her and offers her a dram to begin the lesson but accidentally spills the whisky on a Gaelic Dictionary and it becomes an Instant Gaelic Potion. Angus sets up a Gaelic College but when Granny McBrochan realises he is using her Gaelic Dictionary that she put in the jumble sale by mistake she puts the 'fluence on Angus's Instant Gaelic with hilarious results. The perfect story for anyone with an interest in Gaelic!

Angus Og and the Peat Reek was originally published in 1974. After a tourist asks to buy some of Mrs Og's peat so he can burn it and enjoy the nostalgic 'peat reek' Angus sets up the Drambeg Peat Reek Co. He recruits Mrs Og, Tonald, Mairileen and Lachie to work for him. Unfortunately things don't work out quite as planned after Angus destroys one of Granny McBrochan's family heirlooms! 

Please note that as these are reproductions of the originals they may contain marks consistent with archival materials.