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Inverness, our story. Book 2, 'Mind Thon Time'

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A collection of tales and anecdotes as recounted by some of the many Invernesian  who grew up in “the town” and also some of the rural areas on the outskirts which are now sprawling new housing estates. The tales start before WWI (when many families lived in housing conditions which simply wouldn’t be tolerated today) and include those of people who lived in the older parts of the town from the Shore to Merkinch, Castle Street to the Haugh, where the sanitary conditions were primitive to say the least. And yet, despite the poor housing and living standards, the stories show that whole communities and generations of local families lived and worked side by side and, usually, helped each other when times got tough. The tales in this book also cover the war years with women bringing up families single-handed and men returning to a changed town with pre-fabs and housing estates being built. This book is a fascinating collection of local folklore and memories.