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Archives - Angus Og Booklet: Angus Og and the Fete

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Relive the adventures of Angus Og and the residents of Drambeg through a new series of booklets featuring digitally reproduced copies of the original cartoon drawings by Ewen Bain. Each booklet contains one original Angus Og story from the Ewen Bain Angus Og Collection held at Skye and Lochalsh Archive Centre.

Angus Og and the Fete was originally published in 1969. When Angus gets involved in fundraising for the church roof it leads to a Drambeg Independence Campaign which results in the British government sending troops to Drambeg. A hilarious story packed with irreverent humour! 

Please note that as these are reproductions of the originals they may contain marks consistent with archival materials.